Decay Detection Testing Reigate Surrey

Decay Detection Testing Reigate Surrey

Decay Detection Testing Reigate Surrey Here at Arbor Cultural LTD, we are experts in tree management, including tree reports, tree surveys and decay detection testing. Decay Detection Testing Reigate Surrey.

Trees are part of nature’s finest asset which serve various purposes. Asides the aesthetics benefits it provides in our community, it also serves as a form of shield and its branches are used to create furniture and other important interior decor. 

With time, these trees decay internally, and early detection is important to avoid accidents. Today, we will be discussing the basics of the Decay Detection Testing Reigate Surrey in the UK, types and the benefits of using this detection service.

What is It? 

It is a service which helps you know the condition your tree is and the extent of the damage. This detection method can only be done when tree owners provide the right information to the service to carry out this testing. 

The emergence of great technology has improved this testing process and made it more accurate.

What are the kinds of Testing available?

There are two basic types of this testing :invasive and non-invasive decay testing. You can include the results in tree surveys and reports. Let’s discuss these basic types : 

Non-invasive Testing 

This type involves the use of arbotom sonic tomography which uses sound waves to produce a double dimensional image. This testing type will show the degree of Decay and all available hollow spots.

The main benefits of using this Decay Detection Testing Reigate Surrey is that it can help assess how bad the condition of the tree is without affecting the tree. Moreover, this arbotom software helps you collect useful data about tree strength loss.


This detection service involves using a resi-400 PD Micro Drill known as a resistograph to drill into any tree. During the drilling, it will record the timbers resistance while low resistance shows the decayed length. 

When the device shows there is a severe decay, this can be confirmed via trunk core sampling. It is an excellent way to get an accurate sample of the tree and know the decay condition of the tree. 

The importance of using this

There are numerous advantages of using this detection test : 

Shows the structural integrity of the tree

When you use the right Decay Detection Testing Reigate Surrey on your trees, the actual structure will be shown which will make you the next line to take. It will also let you know the true extent of damage to tree trunks and branches. 

Insurance purposes

When you give your the right decay decaying testing, it will help you when dealing with insurance companies. Most insurance companies ask for this testing report to know the extent of claims.

Helps preserves trees with minor decay

When you perform a service on your tree, you will be able to save trees that don’t have major damages. 

For planning applications

This decay detection is important because it can be used when planning for applications and other tree uses. 


Decay Detection Testing Reigate Surrey is an ideal way to find out the extent of the decay of your tree internally and know if you will cut it or it can still be worked on.